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Queerphoria is the first project from I.Den.t.T where the they explore gender, joy and love.

This dance remix of "Be the Cloud" was inspired by my dear friend Riqi and was produced by Evan and Mason


With such a warm welcome of the original song this summer, you will be sure to enjoy this dance version along with an upcoming dance video. 

Scroll down to learn more about the original song, but not before you add "Be the Cloud (BDCloud Remix)" on to your playlist today!

Love ❤️ that we can share our love “Out on the Floor” in 2023!
I wrote this song 3 decades ago,
🚪before marriage equality,
🚪before finding a community,
🚪before knowing I could and would be loved.

Over the last 30 years, I
❤️found community at The LOFT LGBTQ Community Center
🧡adopted a fabulous 19 year old 
💛married a wonderful person
💚co-founded a queer education and prevention program, Queery
💙participated in local government
💜and started started a musical journey!

All of this seemed so out of reach as a teenager, and yet here we are.

This year, with the help of the incredibly talented producers Evan and Mason, I am excited to celebrate #nationalcomingoutday with this song, available on all streaming platforms!

🙏I’m so glad I stuck it out even when I thought I was so alone and unwanted. It’s been such a great ride, even with the occasional lows that seemed to last forever!

Thank you for making this journey so much sweeter! 🍭🍬

All of us together, standing strong together - Out on the Floor

Out on the Floor Final Cover.jpg
Be the Cloud Single Cover.jpg

In the winter of 2016, two years into my relationship, I wrote a song for my partner as a gift.  The song highlighted the differences that we have and how we compliment each other. 


At first, those differences were interesting and cute.  A few months later, we found our differences annoying!  However, with an effort to be respectful and kind, even in a conflict, we have found that the differences enrich our relationship and make us individually more open to new possibilities.

Perhaps you have found the differences in your relationships, be it friendships, family members or romantic partners, can be annoying, yet also equally vital to your growth and connection.

Listen to "Be the Cloud" on your favorite streaming platforms.

Since the start of 2023, over 400+ anti-LGBTQIA+ bills have been circulating across the US.  CNN reports that this is a record breaking number of hate against queer folks in the legal system.

And even though this is quite disheartening, I am always inspired by reading or watching what Alok has to offer.  With the onslaught of hate, Alok often finds joy, love and liberation.  

"Queerphoria Pt. 2" highlights queer joy, liberation, glimmer and community.  

May you find solace in the lyrics and take a dance break whenever you need it. 

"Queerphoria Part 2" is streaming on all major platforms.  And catch my performances this Pride Season.

Queerphoria 1.png

In the 90's I was living on my own as a teenager, making ends meet working at various weddings with a DJ company.  I always got misty-eyed at the romantic first dance as a couple.  


And as a young queerling myself, I didn't know if I would ever meet someone, let alone find so many people to gather and celebrate our love.  Furthermore, marriage equality was still not legal yet.


However, I had a feeling that my love was no less than any other couple I witnessed embracing in their "first dance."  So I wrote a song while diving into self-discovery, self-worth and self-love.  Along the way, I envisioned individuals and communities coming together to celebrate love in all forms.  

Out on the Floor is my "first dance" song dedicated to all queer folks who braved the journey to find themselves and others who also want to stand strong together in love.

"Out on the Floor" is streaming on all major platforms.  Use this link to find it on Spotify.

The Gift of Being Queer.jpg

In the summer of '22, I.Den.t.T was invited to perform at the "Christmas in July in August" and had a week to put together a Winter Holiday Themed song.  


"The Gift of Being Queer" was born. 

This song encourages people to break with traditions that no longer serve them and to let go of any need for a reason or a season to celebrate love.  

"The Gift of Being Queer is streaming on all major platforms.  Use this link to find it on Spotify.

Final PIc.PNG

Since the pandemic started in 2020, I.Den.t.T has had so many vaccines along with the dreaded side effects.  Since then, they have mastered the art of getting a shot by timing it with taking a few days off or scheduling it just before a three day weekend.  They call it a Vacacination.

I.Den.t.T no longer calls in sick to work, but calls in advanced when they know they are getting a shot.  

But they remember the days when they used to call in sick because it was just to hard to get out of bed after spending a lovely evening with someone.  Those days may be gone for them, but this memory and song lives on.

Sick to work is on all streaming platforms.  Use this link to find it on Spotify.


No Boundaries started as a love poem by Geoff Peckman about the challenges of relationships.  After hearing it, I.Den.t.T asked if it was ok if they tried to put it to music.  Together they edited the lyrics to discuss the state of affairs with children in cages, and the Trump Administration.  By the time they were ready for production in 2022, they edited the lyrics once again to pay homage to the struggles people were experiencing with connecting with their loved ones via Zoom as well as the war in Ukraine.

"Love knows no boundaries or borders..."

"No Boundaries" is available on all major streaming platforms. 


During the first wave of the pandemic and the uprising in 2020, I.Den.t.T felt paralyzed.  It seemed like there was very little they could do to control the situations outside of their home and faced the same challenges with the turbulence in their mind.  

This inspired "Take a Breath," which pays homage to three victims of police brutality that they were consistently talking about with their son.  Together, they would take a breath and then another, to cope with the constant violence and fear that seemed to permeate all social and other media.

"Take a Breath" is available on all major streaming platforms. 


Queerphoria Part 1 started as an affirmation project where I.Den.t.T wanted to highlight queery joy and experiences.  

While working on Queerphoria, they ended up paying homage to Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera as well as refered to the three article rule where police would arrest people for not wearing at least three artilces of clothing based on their assigned gender.


In their debut performance at Westchester Pride, I.Den.t.T wore two dresses, thigh high boots and heels as a tribute to those who couldn't.

To kickoff Pride Month, "Queerphoria Pt. 1" was released on June 1, 2022 on all major streaming platforms.


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