I.Den.t.T uses they/them pronouns and has dreamed of performing ever since they were a child. 


They have been writing various forms of songs and poems, but never really had the chance to share them with the world.  

Much like many other LGBTQIA+ folks, I.Den.t.T struggled to find their place in a world as a child, and is so grateful to the many queercestors who paved the way to make way for them to explore their identity in music, gender and tranquility.

This journey as an artists is their way of bravely exploring music, gender and tranquility with others.  This means that they hope you will join them in this exploration towards authenticity.

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On May 27th, I.Den.t.T was featured in QueerForty Magazine article exploring the creation of "No Boundaries." 


Click here to read the article. 

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