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I.Den.t.T uses they/them pronouns and has dreamed of performing ever since they were a child. 


They have been writing various forms of songs and poems, but never really had the chance to share them with the world.  

Much like many other LGBTQIA+ folks, I.Den.t.T struggled to find their place in a world as a child, and is so grateful to the many queercestors who paved the way to make way for them to explore their identity in music, gender and tranquility.

This journey as an artist is their way of bravely exploring music, gender and tranquility with others.  This means that they hope you will join them in this exploration towards authenticity.

Please find them on Spotify, Youtube, and on all streaming platforms.


I.Den.t.T in the Media

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On Feb 13, 2023 I.Den.t.T was featured in QueerForty Magazine sharing the love song "Out on the Floorjust in time for Valentine's Day


Click here to read the article. 

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On Nov 18, 2022 I.Den.t.T was featured in QueerForty Magazine discussing how "Take a Breath" and "Sick to Work" is used as inspiration for the holidays. 


Click here to read the article. 

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On May 27, 2022 I.Den.t.T was featured in QueerForty Magazine exploring the creation of "No Boundaries." 


Click here to read the article. 

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I.Den.t.T's "Take a Breath" wins
LDM Radio's 2023 Award for Best Jazz Song

With the continued support of fans, I.Den.t.T's "Take a Breath" and Sick to Work" were both nomindated for an LDM Radio 2023 Award.  They were able to take home the Best Jazz Song for "Take a Breath" becuase of your votes!  


What is this Voting About?

LDM Radio runs a weekly voting contest to find the nominees for their annual LDM Radio Awards. 

The top ten chart listed weekly is based on how many votes each song receives for that week and not the total amounts of votes.

Monthly charts will be based on the total amount of votes based on that month.

Nominees will be based on the grand total of votes of the year.  

You can vote one time, every week, using your Google Account.

Songs by I.Den.t.T's on LDM Radio

As of 2023, I.Den.t.T has two songs competing for nominations:


"Queerphoria Pt. 2" is under the "Pop" category

"Be the Cloud" is under the "Rock" category.

How's I.Den.t.T doing on the Charts?

"Queerphoria Pt. 2" was added to the chart first and has peeked at #1. 


"Be the Cloud" was added a couple of months later and has charted on the weekly top ten list at #1. 

For the October monthly  Top 50 chart, "Be the Cloud" landed at #1 and "Queerphoria Pt. 2" at #2. 


Your votes made them both reach the top ten list for October. 

How Can you Vote?

          Please vote weekly at  Sign in with your Google account and then look for I.Den.t.T under Pop and Rock.  

Reach out to I.Den.t.T

Thanks for submitting!

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